Sunday, August 19, 2007

Barely Holding On

8x10 multi layer collage, painted with acrylics using brush and a credit card! Includes journalling, magazine cut outs and vellum back drop.
When I started making this piece I thought of how some days I can barely hold on to myself, my sanity, and my patience. Thankfully I do believe in guardian angels and of course my faith keeps me going. How many times do we sit on the stairs of our lives, holding on to the rail for dear life, just mustering up the courage to take one more step and carry on?
Other days, everything will be smooth sailing, but it's those tumultuous times that keep us wavering and hoping for someone or something to just help us get through another day, another hour, another minute. For me, that thing has been my kids, my art, my family, and my faith....what is it for you, that keeps you holding on?
**I can add a ribbon hanger if you'd like to hang. Would look great framed or on a plate holder.
PRICE: 20.00
Shipping: 5.50
I do offer discounts off of multiple purchases.
Shipping is via USPS priority. If you'd like a different & less expensive option, please email before payment.
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CollageContessa said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I appreciate it.

I wanted to tell you how very much I love this collage. It's speaking to me, after the UGH week I had. I'm hoping its still available in your shop on Friday when I get paid.

All your work is gorgeous and I'm so inspired! Glad you commented so I could find your wonderful blog/etsy shop!

Happy creating.

Anonymous said...


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